Other Options: In the neighbourhood there are several private and municipal parking lots, prices vary $15 TO $35.Please note, we assume no responsibility.

Our PARKING FEE IS $40 A NIGHT, You may stay up to check out time of 11:00 AM at no extra charge. Parking is SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. The parking fee is for the use of parking space only. It is a very narrow car port, if you are not too sure, and find a more suitable space in the neighbourhood.


Step 1. Unlock the gate and open the right panel, completely.


Step 2. The left panel is latched down with a bolt. Unhook the bolt form the clamp, rotate to left.


Step 3. Lift the bolt and rest it on the hook.


Step 4. OPEN THE left gate completely, and carefully drive in the car-port. We find it easier backing in, however choose whatever way you feel comfortable. Go back as far as you can go, for others to park their car.


After parking, close the left gate and latch back the bolt, secure it using the clamp. Close right side panel , and lock the gate. Make sure it locked. If you are blocking someone, let them know where they can find you, should they have a need to get their car out.